Juan Carlos de Llaca, story producer of i>Te presento a Valentín

Juan Carlos de Llaca of Televisa: With the web novela Te presento a Valentín we demonstrate the potential of creating original content
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|20 de septiembre de 2012

With the objective of reinforcing its digital selection, Televisa.com presented the cast and production crew of its first web novela Te presento a Valentín, coproduction with Univision.com. The show launches Oct. 29 at 12pm on both portals. “Te presento a Valentín is a product that demonstrates the great potential that have to make original and fresh content that the public can see through diverse platforms at whatever moment it chooses. It’s a challenge to produce new and better content that shows a more contemporary Mexico in which we can touch on genres like romantic comedy like this one” said Juan Carlos de Llaca, story producer. The web novela has the support of the Center of Artistic Education of Televisa (CEA through its initials in Spanish), which is under the direction of Eugenio Cobo, who also acts in the production. He assured that with this production, “it’s the first experiment that will call for feedback from the audience. It’s the first time that a big TV company does something like this”. The show will consist of 15 episodes at six minutes each, shot at different locations in Mexico City. It will integrate products from four different Unilever products. The program stars Arath de la Torre, Marisol González, Tania Vázquez, Marcelo Córdoba and Carlos de la Mota.