Juan Carlos Ortiz

Juan Carlos Ortiz of DDB Latina: Digital revolution plus Hispanic culture, our formula for success
02 de noviembre de 2021

Juan Carlos Ortiz, president & CEO of DDB Latina, believes the agency was born of an urge to work in a new and different way. “The digital revolution is a kind of progress that invites us to do things differently in a way that can really surprise people. It permits a kind of creativity never seen before,” he said.

This element plus widespread Hispanic culture have been the pillars of DDB Latina since its origin. Ortiz noted that the agency makes use of Latino power worldwide through three great markets: the United States, Latin America (Brazil) and Europe (Spain).

“We believe in this triangle for developing a surprisingly unique agency that does not only work geographically but in connection with Latino culture wherever it may be. We are all connected culturally, that being the essence of worldwide communications and the basis of our vision,” he said.

He added that constructing the agency suffered a number of setbacks, because it needed staff members who were ready, willing and able to work in a new and different way - and not everybody wants to do that.

“DDB Latina is the most attractive structure imaginable in terms of its growth in the region. We have built our reputation on the agency’s talent and teamwork,” Ortiz said.