Creative Director Juan José Quintana

Juan Jose Quintana of Orci Advertising: In 2018 We Saw Our Existing Accounts Grow and Developed New Projects for New Segments

Liz Unamo|11 de enero de 2019

Last year was a great one for Orci Advertising: the team celebrated 32 years as an independent agency, worked for new market segments, saw the growth of existing accounts and developed projects for new products. "We never stopped working and creating" said Creative Director Juan José Quintana.

One area where the agency learned most in 2018, according to Quintana, was on the social side: "We learned, for example, the great differences in perception between the different segments when exposed to the same creative piece. And we saw the impact produced by a relevant influence and by a product placement right on target."

The Orci team also learned to listen to the community by making its members part of the discussion, but allowing them to speak for themselves. “When identifying a community, sometimes engagement is more important than scope,” he said. The agency also experienced the power of having in-house social media, “which gave us optimizations, learning and allowed a swift, sure response.”

For Orci, all projects have the same level of importance and relevance. “That's the way we start each campaign - giving it the same importance as the client does,” Quintana said.

Among Orci’s goals for 2019 is to grow and continue to penetrate new segments. "We have a couple of new business opportunities in the works that we hope will materialize soon," Quintana said.