Juan Jose Quintana, SVP Executive Creative Director of Orci

Juan Jose Quintana of Orcí: Talent that connects emotionally Is a feature of multicultural advertising 

Liz Unamo|02 de junio de 2019

For Juan Jose Quintana, SVP Executive Creative Director of Orci, a distinguishing feature of Hispanic creativity has been the need to pin down insights and showcase talent that mirrors the target group and connects with it emotionally: “Though in many cases this has led to the creation of stereotypes, it is also true that it has given us a better idea of our own Latin cultures and who we are as Americans.”

From that quest, he said, “bright and powerful insights have emerged. In many cases, the publicity that agencies like ours have created has become another tool the community has used to navigate the immigrant experience.”

In his opinion, Latinx will become one of the keywords in the industry. “At least we would like some variation of Latinx, Latin or Latin@s to be used more frequently so our industry becomes aware that there is still a long way to go regarding inclusion, diversity and the inherent sexism of the Spanish language.”

Juan Jose Quintana’s comments are part of the annual report of PRODU Publicidad in the Cannes Lions Daily News 2019 edition, to be published during the festival.

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