Silvia Navarro

Juan Osorio introduces Silvia Navarro as protagonist of Mi Corazón Es Tuyo
18 de marzo de 2014

Producer Juan Osorio introduced Silvia Navarro as the protagonist of his new production Mi Corazón Es Tuyo, a telenovela adaptation for Televisa of the Spanish series Ana y Los Siete. “Ana y Los Siete is a series that touched me. It had very important values such as women’s ability to overcome obstacles, that regardless of their origins there is always the chance to grow. An actress like Silvia Navarro will play the character of Ana Leal well, giving her the cultural touch it needs,” said Osorio. For Navarro, the character is that of a woman who becomes a pole dancer out of real necessity, “it’s a woman who puts on a show, a humble girl who grew up with very little; she portrays Mexico well,” pointing out that she is a pole dancer, “but the interesting thing is seeing what each of us have in our heads, people’s prejudices, and gives us the opportunity to say ‘are we allowed to start over or are we a society that limits growth?’” Osorio said he would announce the name of the male protagonist next week, and that production is set to start in April on different locations across the state of Mexico. The telenovela will premiere between June 9th and June 13th in the 8:30pm time slot.