Juan Osorio

Juan Osorio of Televisa: We have 35 advertisers waiting to be integrated into our telenovela Mi Corazón es Tuyo
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|22 de julio de 2014

On its third week on the air, Mi Corazón es Tuyo is holding its audience levels between 23 and 26 points. This is reflected in the interest of advertisers to be part of this project produced by Juan Osorio. It airs Monday through Friday at 8:20pm on Televisa’s Canal 2. “It’s important for me to have integrated products and we chose La Costeña and its products because they’re a family company with products for children, youngsters and adults. We managed to integrate it in a harmonious way, without saturating the screen. That brand stays just as the protagonist job. At the family’s home we feature other brands such as Lala, Unefon and Pétalo, but we have 35 clients waiting for an opportunity to have their products integrated and we’ll do it carefully,” said Osorio. He added that it’s important to produce for different screens because, “windows like digital, if used well, provide a great opportunities. As part of the industry, we can’t overlook them; as producers we must create a great novela for Canal 2, series for digital and film projects.” Despite the recognition Mexican telenovelas receive internationally, Osorio said, “we must knock on doors and put our product in front of the audience to compete with all the markets. Today it’s harder to position your product because we compete with countries such as Colombia, Brazil, and even the U.S., which has already become a player in this industry.”