Jerónimo Macanás, CEO of Jump Data-Driven-Video: The pandemic generated a discovery effect in many that were not habitual OTT users

Jump: There has been a discovery effect
27 de agosto de 2020

Jump highlights the “discovery effect” in many users and the relevance operators are gaining to add digital entertainment services as two of the trends that have been consolidated in the sector. 

Jerónimo Macanás, CEO of Jump Data-Driven-Video, analyzed in Over the Tech the current situation the industry is experiencing and the perspectives that are forecast. "According to the data, there has been a discovery effect. Many users who didn´t use to visit streaming services and have been forced to discover these new types of media have seen the value in this new offer. We estimate that there have been around two years of acceleration with this discovery effect. It is a global and accentuated trend in Latin America”.

“New verticals that were not in the streaming environment are accelerating their income as services dedicated to everything ranging from fitness to religious services, not to mention the education service. I think 2021 will be the year of education services on streaming. There is a great deal not only of premium services, cable operators or networks but of many other fields that are coming together for the use of streaming and video as a communications element and for generating business."

“We are starting to see OTT aggregation among operators. Individuals´ consumption is fragmented. We do not see a user who is linked to an OTT uninterruptedly, nor that they will be consumers of a single OTT. We see a very fragmented environment in which the user will have the power to choose and subscribe according to the interests he has at that moment. It will be very much á la carte. An in and out consumption. In this case, the figure of the operator will be very relevant when becoming the big digital entertainment aggregator with TV offer plus HBO or TV plus Netflix".
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