Luis Medina, president and founder of Uno Productions: This is a format in which we are pioneers

Juntos Virtual Tour from Uno Productions
17 de julio de 2020

Luis Medina, president and founder of Uno Productions, gave details in an interview with Ríchard Izarra on #PRODUprimetime of the el Juntos Virtual Tour, project that will present an artist each week on Fridays (5pm Los Angeles time, 8pm Miami time) starting July 24.

"We are very interested in advertising companies that would like to participate in the project, we have the greatest interest in working with companies because there are very interesting opportunities," said Medina.

Medina stated that it is a format in which they are pioneers, that has been very well received. “It is not easy to do a project of this dimension for thirteen weeks. We are offering companies that want to participate as sponsors the possibility of reaching the Latino market, since we are going to have a huge amount of people watching these concerts, and all these artists have many, many followers on social networks," said Medina, after explaining that the presentations will be free for the audience on each artist´s platform.

The artists they are going to present are Lupillo Rivera (24/07), Ninel Conde (31/07), Pablo Montero (7/08), Alicia Villareal (14/08), Willy Colón (21/08), Guadalupe Pineda (28/08), Horóscopos de Durango (7/09), Diego Verdaguer amd Ana Victoria (11/09), Julio Iglesias Jr and Jessica Díaz (18/09), “El Gipsy” Chico Castillo (25/09) Teo González (2/10), Lucía Méndez (9/10), Lorenzo Méndez (16/10).

The production, even though it doesn't include an audience, will have high-quality standards shooting from forums. "We are going to pay the royalties of those concerts, in the aim to avoid being blocked from Facebook or YouTube, and in the aim to do everything correctly, everything very well done and in case we want to do something afterward with the concert," said Medina.

Watch interview with Luis Medina from Uno Productions on #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra