Rubenstein concludes that creativity and strategy are each powerful tools

Justing Rubenstein From Dieste: Creative Strategy Requires Both Sides Of The Brain

09 de julio de 2017

Justin Rubenstein, Strategic Planning Intern wrote an article in Provoke Weekly in which he describes an exercise to elucidate the meaning of "creative strategy" two terms that seem contradictory but are in the arteries and the heart of advertising agencies.

Using cue cards, Rubenstein surveyed agency employees, asking them to respond with the first word that came to their mind when reading the cards. He then applied cognitive psychology, with the brain dominance theory of the two brain hemispheres: right, more intuitive, and the left one, more logical, and by superimposing word associations obtained for creative and strategy, he showed the two words are truly opposites.

“However, creative strategy brings it all together. It is a crossover between the right and left hemispheres and is the key to optimal brain performance” he expressed.

He said that both for individuals and for businesses, creative strategy and optimal brain performance are best showcased when setting goals: "use the logical left brain to distil the situation to its core elements, and use the creative right brain to continually remind yourself and/or your organization of where you hope to be."

Rubenstein concludes that creativity and strategy are each powerful tools, but together, they lead to reach a higher level.