Justin Rubenstein

Justin Rubenstein from Richards/Lerma: Most Important for Gen Z Are Authenticity and Self-Expression

16 de julio de 2019

Richards/Lerma published the study Generation Zexual: How Gen Z is Reshaping Society’s Understanding of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, prepared by Brand Planner Justin Rubenstein and Planning Director Carlos Rodriguez. Rubenstein talked about how brands can and should join the conversation.

It is extremely important for brands to be in real-time communication with Gen Z, and to understand and accept the mindset of these oldest of teens and youngest of adults. “Some 56 percent of Gen Z knows at least one person with a non-conformist gender identity, which adds up to a diverse range of gender orientations and backgrounds across the age range, and which they have no problem accepting,” Rubenstein said. “Additionally, with LGBT members of this generation, digital and social media are the first channels they use to come out.”

Generation Zexual is part of an effort to educate members of the agency about different insights, patterns and trends that they have observed. “It’s a very important study, especially now that Pride Month has passed and no one is really talking about it anymore,” Rubenstein said. “Apart from that, Gen Z in and of itself is a huge focus for the agency right now, and for advertisers across the industry. We are currently working with the University of Texas at Austin on a survey to dive deeper into determining what the Generation Z marketplace is all about.”

Rubenstein said that unlike Millennials who are focused on life experiences, Gen Z cares most about authenticity and self-expression. Therefore, just “rainbow washing” a product with a logo doesn´t mean the brand truly reflects the values of the LGBT community, or those of Generation Z in general.

“It is very important for any agency, not only in the Hispanic or multicultural market but in the entire world, to understand what is happening and what connects people with brands. These are topics that must be taken into account all year long, not just during Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, African American Month, etc.," added Aldo Quevedo, principal and creative director of Richards/Lerma.