Mi Vida Eres Tú is being brought for the first time to viewers in the U.S.
Kanal D Drama premiers Mi Vida Eres
15 de septiembre de 2020

THEMA América announced that Kanal D Drama will be the first, exclusive distributor to show the Turkish drama Mi Vida Eres Tú (You Are My Life) to the U.S. Hispanic audience. This captivating period series, which combines drama and romance, will debut on Kanal D Drama on September 16.

“We are proud to be able to bring productions of the quality of Mi Vida Eres Tú, a series with great dramatic impact but that transmits a hopeful message, to the female audience in the United States. We are living a complicated situation and reality, so viewers seek to take refuge in well-told stories with real characters, who inspire by reinventing life in the midst of adversity,” said Francheska León de la Barra, Head of Marketing of Kanal D Drama in the U.S. and LatAm.

Mi Vida Eres Tú is being brought for the first time to female viewers in the U.S., who love captivating Turkish dramas. Set at the beginning of the last century during the First Balkan War and the Greek-Turkish conflict, it tells the dramatic story of a family that is forced to separate in the midst of a devastating war. A charismatic major in the Ottoman army, Cevdet, played by the legendary Turkish actor Halit Ergenc, who is torn between his love for his country and his family, fights courageously on the front lines of a war he considers lost.

Mi Vida Eres Tú features Halit Ergenc in the leading role (Cevdet) and Azize, played by the beautiful actress Bergüzar Korel, who in addition to her successful film career, is Ergenc’s wife in real life. It should be noted that this drama, which combines fiction and real history, features outstanding performances by several supporting actors, who play the roles of historical Turkish figures such as Hasan Jahsin, a nationalist journalist and Turkish patriot, and Halide Edib, Turkish writer and important nationalist leader, who defended of women's rights. It also includes Latife Uşşaki, novelist and wife of Mustafa Kemal, the first Turkish statesman, and the engineer and aviator Vecihi Hürkuş, founder of the first Turkish airline.