Patrick Rivet, CEO of THEMA America: Despite the global health crisis, 2020 has been a year of solid growth for Kanal D Drama

Kanal D Drama reaches the first anniversary
29 de octubre de 2020

THEMA América announced that Kanal D Drama is celebrating its first year in the United States, with an audience of over a million. The only Spanish-language channel dedicated exclusively to presenting Turkish dramas in Spanish made its debut in the U.S. Hispanic market last year through Xfinity and Xfinity On Demand. Since then, it has reached more than a million Spanish-speaking households, with a reach of up to 1.5 million followers on social media.

“Despite the global health crisis, 2020 has been a year of solid growth for Kanal D Drama, not only as a linear channel but as a brand that presents the best of the Turkish productions that are so attractive to Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States and Latin America,” said Patrick Rivet, CEO of THEMA America. “We are delighted to be working with a trusted business partner like Kanal D International, and as our relationship continues to grow stronger year after year, we look forward with optimism and excitement to what the future will bring.”

In 2020 marked by the global health crisis, Kanal D Drama focused its efforts in the first few months on keeping its audience company, first by joining the global stay-at-home movement, and then by supporting its business partner Comcast with the different initiatives it deployed to keep its Xfinity subscribers company during mandatory lockdowns. As Rivet noted, “Among the activities that viewers have used to pass the time during coronavirus quarantines, one of the leading ones has been watching Turkish series and miniseries. Offerings of this type of content on the different streaming platforms have grown continuously in a year marked by having the whole family stay at home.”

In addition, Turkish miniseries were the talk of the recent MIPCOM market, placing themselves in the spotlight among the most promising entertainment formats of the season worldwide. In this regard, Kanal D Drama put itself at the forefront of the U.S. Hispanic market by successfully launching several premieres of Turkish miniseries last summer. Among those that stood out were Así Es la Vida, El Precio del Amor, and Secretos Prohibidos, which is still airing on Kanal D Drama.