AdClarit is a new connected intelligence tool

Kantar IBOPE Media launched connected intelligence tool to analyze online advertising
26 de julio de 2019

Kantar IBOPE Media launched AdClarity, a new connected intelligence tool that enables advertisers, communications media and agencies to monitor their advertising campaign in the digital environment, understand their commercialization model and analyze their competition in a quick and simple way.

This new technology monitors digital advertising, evaluating audience behavior in response to it, its performance in terms of creativity, formats and types of campaign in digital media across the country.

This connected intelligence tool for online advertising offers users the following series of insights: weekly, monthly, and quarterly historical data, data from desktop and mobile, hundreds of sites between display and video, visibility on the competition´s performance and knowledge of direct or programmatic purchase.

To show an example of the power of this new analysis system the data produced by the tool from a fictitious ecommerce site. AdClarity allows to see how the 86 million views obtained in the last 30 days, with 71% de of its ad distribution placed in banners and static advertising. Additionally, it shows that the platform uses the direct purchase mechanism (50%) of the time to show its ads.