Valeria Forwe and Sebastián Corzo, both from Kantar TNS
Kantar Millward Brown: We must analyze how to customize content for each screen
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|11 de septiembre de 2018

In the context of Kantar Talks Sebastián Corzo, Brand Domain Leader of Kantar Millward Brown & Kantar TNS, and Valeria Forwe, senior consultant of Kantar, they spoke of the importance of consumer experience.

“A form of growth for brands is for them to be disruptive and to bet on improving consumer experience since this is going to be perceived as a positive value and generates more eagerness to buy them," explained Corzo.

“The message we brought is to begin to understand that brands communicate and people make decisions, take actions and spend their money depending on the experiences they live around the brand. That is why there can be no brand management that doesn't take into account experience. With specific things that are within hands reach, this experience can be improved, which is what is going to help the next purchase to point at that brand," added Forwe.

For Corzo, the experience doesn't imply holding a mega event, but making the product be what consumers expect and making the entire purchase process simple so as not to complicate people's lives.

For both executives, it is also important to understand how consumers consume media and what they use them for, and to understand that he who watches television also accesses other devices. There is a very strong co-existence of media that is also simultaneous and it is necessary to analyze how you customize content for each screen.