Karen Barroeta, Telemundo Global Studios: The idea is to continue investing in content because the content is what rules

Karen Barroeta with Ríchard Izarra EN VIVO: We are going to produce a lot in house with internal and external writers
16 de febrero de 2022

Ríchard Izarra, editor-in-chief of PRODU, interviewed Karen Barroeta, EVP of Production and Development of Telemundo Global Studios, after the "Too Strong to Stop" Telemundo Screening 2022. She said that the 25 productions that are on the slate are Telemundo productions using their own and external writers, apart from the co-productions that will add more titles to the proposal. 

“We are going to produce a lot of things in house. The idea is to continue investing in content because the content is what rules”. When asked about agreements they close with production companies in Spain, such as Mediaset, she said that they are open to great stories with partners who want to adapt to Telemundo's style.

For Barroeta, Telemundo has evolved together with the industry and the audience, to produce the genres and stories that people want to see. She explained that the event was in English because the idea was trying to be inclusive with all their clients, who are all over the world, Asia, Europe, Africa, as well as Latin America.

Barroeta conducted the screening, the first one she does for Telemundo and from the Telemundo Center headquarters, which included 65 changes in 40 minutes, according to the director of the event, Fernando Duprát.

Barroeta said that she had experience presenting upfronts in Mexico when she was the general manager of the Telemundo Internacional pay-TV channel.

Ronald Day, president of Entertainment and Content Strategy of Telemundo Network, told Ríchard Izarra that they are very happy with the screening, due to the variety of products generated by Telemundo Studios. "Telemundo is at its best moment and proof of this is in what we are going to present at the Upfront," he said.

He highlighted Karen Barroeta's excellent presentation and her knowledge of the market and the audience. While, Olimpia Del Boccio, VP of Marketing, commented that the event was flawless, and had the presence of leading women of the company.

Izarra also interviewed many of the talent part of the screening, including Angélica Celaya, Adrián Matos, Mauricio Islas, among others.

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