Karen Udler from alma

Karen Udler Britell of alma: The success of ThinkOte for Intuit QuickBooks was a deep study of the insight and having a celebrity do the presentation
01 de mayo de 2023

Karen Udler Britell, group business director of alma, spoke in the setting of the annual Hispanic Marketing Council summit about the process of developing the ThinkOle campaign for Intuit QuickBooks. This entry won Best of Show, the Grand Prix, and two golds in the categories of Best Hispanic Cultural Perspective and Creative Ingenuity in the 2023 HMC Prizes for Strategic Excellence..

She said that first they worked on identifying what was the challenge that QuickBooks was trying to resolve and then realized that Latinos, despite being dedicated entrepreneurs and small-company owners, have many problems, particularly since they sometimes lack the credibility needed in the eyes of financial institutions to obtain loans. “And that is where Intuit QuickBooks can help them get organized and be more credible,” she said.

Having identified the problem to be solved, alma began looking for the way to solve it. For that the team focused on the power of insights and on delving more and more into how to find the solution. “And the insight we found – I won’t tell you what that was – even made us uncomfortable, because it was a difficult pill to swallow. But when we looked at it from a positive point of view, we realized it could really drive the business solution ahead that we were proposing,” she said.

For the project they used a celebrity, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, in a way that worked. “It was all about how
his story made sense and his name really helped,” Udler said.

“We wanted the power of Chicharito acting out the story, something we knew would go down well in any pueblo and in any way as long as we were focused on the story that these owners of small companies could change their businesses with QuickBooks,” she noted.

She summed it up by saying that the success of this campaign lies in these three things that came together and helped create an incredible association “in which we co-developed the problem, the solution, the key word; delving deeper into the insidht; and then using a celebrity, but for a purpose”.