9/11: The Twenty-Year Anniversary is produced by Top Hat Productions
Keshet presales in US BBC One´s documentary
16 de octubre de 2020

Keshet Internacional announced that they closed several pre-sales agreements in the US and Europe for the BBC One documentary 9/11: The Twenty-Year Anniversary, produced by Top Hat Productions and directed by Arthur Cary. To date, the distribution company has ended the sales of the movie in France (Canal+ Group), Denmark (TV2), Sweden (TV4), the Netherlands (RTL), and the US (Discovery), and continue in conversations with other broadcast partners in other territories.

Keren Shahar, COO and president of Distribution at Keshet International, said: “Two decades might have passed, but the events of September 11 are still alive for the millions of people who saw this tragedy unfold live on their television screens. We feel honored to be able to offer this reflexive and prestigious documentary to buyers worldwide and start to commemorate this important anniversary with viewers".

9/11: The Twenty-Year Anniversary will be a historical recount of how the Twin Tower, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 terrorist attacks 20 years ago changed the world forever. It will have a cast of collaborators who hadn´t shared their experiences before.

“The story of September 11 is an extraordinary one that never ended for those who lived the tragic events of that day. The twentieth anniversary is an opportunity to take a look at the events that took place two decades ago and see how they continue to be part of the lives of those who were there," ended Darren Kemp, executive producer.

It is produced by Chery Hockey, with Kemp as Executive Producer together with the Commissions Editor of the BBC, Hamish Fergusson. Keshet International distributes the documentary globally.