Kelly Wright, SVP, Distribution, and New Businesses: There is a need for content and advice to share

Keshet: Trying to be supportive and empathetic
26 de mayo de 2020

During the pandemic, Keshet International is trying to be as supportive and empathetic as possible with their clients because they are all sharing the same problems. This is what Kelly Wright, SVP, Distribution, and New Businesses, expressed in an interview on #PRODUprimetime.

“There is a need for content and advice to share, because Keshet is a TV channel as well, and we share what we are doing in terms of content, news, and programming," she said.

Wright commented that the company has a great relation with Latin America and thinks there is great synergy and cultural similarities between Israel and Latin America.

“I think religion is special because it is exciting and challenging. It is not easy, but when you do it right, you are capable of developing something that works, you create a relationship and friendship for life. That is why we have a great relationship with Telemundo, Televisa, and Telefe,” he pointed out.

Regarding programming for these times, she reported that they have a musical "corona-friendly” program, Can’t Stop the Music, that has been on the air in Israel for 15 years. “Obviously, we cannot go and do The Ninja Warrior or La Voz, but we can do a small show musical games show that touches people´s hearts, is easy to adapt and includes celebrities. We want to entertain, thrill, we want to calm people down, offer comfort," she emphasized.

The executive thinks that Israelians are very creative, because they don´t have many resources or budgets to work, compared to other countries.

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