Isabel Echeverry-Unruh, Founder and CEO of Kontakto Reps
New Owner of Kontakto Entertainment Will Be Danilo Castellano
04 de mayo de 2018

Isabel Echeverry-Unruh, Founder and CEO of Kontakto Reps, announced that the new owner and CEO of the associate company Kontakto Entertainment will be Danilo Castellano.

“I feel proud of my business affairs work in establishing a talent management firm with a system that works to help Latinos with furthering their acting careers. Now it’s time to continue focusing on representing top directors, editors & music in the U.S. multi-cultural market through Kontakto Reps and prepping my feature film to be shot by end of year! God luck Danilo and his clients!!!” Echeverry-Unruh posted on Facebook.

Kontakto Entertainment has been growing exponentially. Last year it wrapped up one of its biggest projects with actor Julio Macias starring in a Netflix series. Meanwhile, the head of Kontakto is venturing into cinema production with her film Aura, based on Echeverry-Unruh´s own personal experience.