Steven Grisales, creative producer and CEO of Kosmology

Kosmology: We launched in the US the film Somos Calentura

Jaime Quintero, Bogota|17 de enero de 2019

The production company Kosmology, from Colombia, launches on January 10, in the context of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the film Somos Calentura, before its commercial launch in the US on February 22.

The film, produced and co-written by Steven Grisales, creative producer and CEO of Kosmology, tells the story of four dancers who live in Buenaventura and try to escape the harsh reality of a city that does not offer them options, one of the most violent in Colombia. Through music and dance, they find a way to challenge their fate, full of violence and lack of future.

Somos Calentura has very disruptive storytelling, it is about power, not the typical storytelling in Latin American cinema, it is a film in which the heroes are young dancers and singers, where music and their dance stands out. The audience will find urban music that comes from the Pacific and has the potential to take on the world, now that urban Colombian music is reaching everywhere,” comments Steven.

It will reach the digital VOD platforms of Colombia and the US on February 26. “Our goal is to be able to reach the most important markets, such as Germany, France, India, and China, in this last one we already have a deal through Epic Pictures, sales and distribution agent of the film,” concludes Grisales.

He is currently working with his partner Juan Díaz on three films and four series of a premium format in several genres.