Isabel Rafferty, founder & CEO of Canela Media

Canela Media Signs Exclusive Agreement With Digital Media Company Cultura Colectiva
05 de enero de 2021

Canela Media announced that it has signed an agreement with Cultura Colectiva, one of the largest digital media publishers in Latin America, and a rapidly growing entity in the U.S., as its exclusive representative for the company’s network of websites and branded content offerings. The partnership further solidifies Canela Media’s reach with the addition of Cultura Colectiva to its network of over 180 sites.

“We are very optimistic about this partnership, as Cultura Colectiva offers a progressive, fresh spin on content attracting engagement from a younger bilingual and bicultural audience in key verticals including art, lifestyle, finance and entertainment” said Isabel Rafferty, founder & CEO of Canela Media. “Cultura Colectiva’s forward-thinking and innovative content perfectly complements our offering at Canela by giving clients new ways to connect to the desire Latin demographic.”

While Cultura Colectiva has previously worked with other U.S.-based media companies, the new deal is significant because it gives Canela Media 100% control of its U.S. ad inventory. Previous collaboration between Canela and Cultura Colectiva includes a content syndication agreement to fuel Canela Media’s streaming platform Canela.TV, and its short-form video content offering Canelitas.