The actress Livia Brito will be playing one of the leading roles of La Desalmada

La Desalmada by José Alberto Castro for Televisa
17 de marzo de 2021

La Desalmada by José Alberto Castro completed the cast and begins filming on March 16

Livia Brito and José Ron will be the leading characters of La Desalmada, a new production by José Alberto Castro for Televisa, which will begin shooting on March 16 in locations near Mexico City and will premiere during the second semester of this year, on premium time.

Livia Brito will be Fernanda Linares, a woman who only seeks to avenge the murder of her husband that happened on her wedding night when she was also raped. José Ron will play Rafael Toscano, a young man who just finished his university studies and relates immediately with Fernanda.

The cast includes: Marlene Favela, Marjorie de Sousa, Sergio Basáñez, Cecilia Galliano, Raúl Araiza, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Laura Carmine, Alberto Estrella, Verónica Jaspeado, Julio Vallado, Eduardo Santamarina, Francisco Gattorno, Gonzalo García Vivanco, Ana Martín, Azela Robinson, Gaby Mellado, Fiona Muñoz, Carlos Gatica, Macarena Miguel and Ale García.

Past Thursday afternoon, José Alberto Castro held his first meeting with the cast with whom he will work for the next six months to discuss the general details of this new project. The directors and writers also participated in the meeting.

La desalmada is an original story by Alejandro Torres Reyes, Guido Jácome and Felipe Forero, Ximena Suárez will be responsible for the adaptation and scripts. It will be co-adapted by a team of creatives, made up of Julián Aguilar, Janely Lee and Isabel de Sara. The stage direction will be in the hands of Salvador Garcini and Fez Noriega.