The horror film is co-produced by 3C Films (Argentina), Black Mandala Films (New Zealand) and OnePlay (USA).

La Forma del Bosque to debut in LatAm
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|23 de abril de 2021

La Forma del Bosque is the title of a horror film co-produced by 3C Films from Argentina, Black Mandala Films from New Zealand, and OnePlay from the USA, whose shooting has just concluded and it’s now in post-production. The film would be one of the first original productions in Spanish of Daniel Padilla's new OnePlay platform that has plans to enter Latin America, initially Argentina and Uruguay.

Nico Onetti, director and producer of Black Mandala Films for Latin America, who has directed more than five films within the horror genre, including El Juego de las 100 Velas and Los Olvidados, said that La Forma del Bosque was filmed in the town of Verónica in Argentina and is Gonzalo Mellid directorial debut. Mellid became known for his horror short Cenizas (2019), which was widely celebrated at various festivals, debuting in the US within the official selection of Telluride Horror Show.

"The filming took three weeks, taking into account all the health protocols.” He adds that they were able to finish the film before restrictions were re-imposed in Argentina due to the pandemic.

Onetti announced that their next project will be filming the second part of Los Olvidados.

“For some time, we’ve been working with Black Mandala, but mostly regarding content sales and always with the idea of producing something together. Nico brought us this project to co-produce and we loved it. Daniel Padilla from OnePlay (USA) also joined. It was a very nice experience and it is the first film of many that we will co-produce together,” Juan Crespo, CEO of 3C Films, said.

The cast includes Instagram celebrity Magui Bravi and the Argentine icon of horror films, Chucho Fernández. Featuring also Ezequiel Pache, María Paz Arias Landa, Nicolás Del Río and Felipe Corvalán.

The story revolves around the brothers Silvia and Andrés, who live with their grandfather in a house in the middle of the forest, unleashing the wrath of a dark entity that will relentlessly chase them until capturing them during the course of one night.