La Liga Karate Combat gathers more than 100 of the best karateists in the world
La Liga Karate Combat arrives at Roku
21 de agosto de 2018

La Liga Karate Combat, that gathers more than 100 of the best karateists in the world, will reach the region thanks to the launch of its online channel on the Roku platform.

“With the launch on the Roku platform, we can expand the potential reach of the action in Karate Combat to millions of connected devices. It is a natural extension of our drive to distribute through the channels where fans watch sports," expressed Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat in a statement.

La Liga Karate Combat informed that the content of the channel is also available on YouTube, Dailymotion, UFC Fight Pass and Sports Live. The channel on Roku will offer live fights and the possibility of requesting repetitions.