Michelle Headley

Storytelling Is Important in Festival Submissions, says Michelle Headley of alma as juror in FIAP 2021
20 de abril de 2021

Ads competing in industry festivals should show a unique and novel insight, said Michelle Headley, SVP, operations and production at alma and juror in the FIAP 2021 Advertisements category, as a recommendation to creatives entering their work in the ad festival.  “Storytelling is important in submissions. Jurors won’t see the pieces in context so it’s important to paint a comprehensive picture for them,” Headley said.

She warned that in the Advertisements category, the elements don’t matter so much as the way they come together to tell a story that is succinct and convincing. Another important aspect is “leaving space for audience engagement: make them think and remember. Craft should convey authenticity through casting, music and cinematography.”

Throughout the years, FIAP has been one of the leading advertising festivals and possibly the most important in the region. Many industry leaders look to FIAP to showcase the best of our industry - it’s a source of inspiration and common learning.”

According to Headley’s experience, the key trend for festivals will be to stay virtual: “I believe we will continue the trend of participating remotely as well as in person, which is great because it allows more people to be part of the industry conversations.”

FIAP + PRODU Innovation Summit to be held between Oct. 5-7, 2021.