Sir Martin Sorrell of S4 Capital and Alex Barker,  The Financial Times
The Pandemic Brought About the Switch From Live Events to Virtual Ones: Sir Martin Sorrell of S4 Capital
03 de octubre de 2020

Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder and Executive President of S4 Capital, spoke during a session of Advertising Week Global about seeing the Japan Olympic Games very far away for political reasons, and about the attempt being made in the U.S. to present traditional sports championships in a virtual way.

He said that one of the most interesting sources of income brought about by Covid-19 has been the switch from live events to virtual ones.

“We have done it with the NBA and Verizon, and are trying to apply the same technology to American football, ice hockey and soccer. The problem is that (sports) associations are not as flexible digitally as I thought," Sorrell told Alex Barker, global media editor of The Financial Times.

As for his company, S4 Capital, Sorrell said the coronavirus crisis has given it the chance to attract new clients. He reported that his team is currently handling two “whoppers” (a term used to describe big clients with basic profits of around $400 million), namely Google and a well-known tech company in the telecommunications field. "And we have set a goal we call 20 squared, which means we are looking for 20 new clients or whoppers that will represent at least 5 percent of our profits, which currently stand at $20 million.” He said they hope to have three to four of these clients very soon.