Aldo Quevedo, César Agost Carreño and Paco Olavarrieta

Aldo Quevedo of Lerma: Advertising has become more honest
06 de noviembre de 2020

Lerma Principal and Creative Director Aldo Quevedo told a session of the 2020 online FePI, De Creativos a Creadores (From Creatives to Creators), that a creative is a professional who "creates connections between brands and people." The executive was accompanied by Paco Olavarrieta, CCO of d'exposito & partners; Cesar “Checha” Agost, founder and president of Founders, and PRODU Associate Director Mara Fernandez, moderator of the panel.

Agost spoke about how hard it is to find people who love what they do: "This is a profession which, as they say, has fewer people all the time, much less creativity, lower budgets and also fewer clients willing to encourage original creative ideas.” But he is optimistic regarding how to find "those nuts who believe in this business and love what they do. That’s why I think our profession will continue for many years as the most satisfying one there is."

According to Olavarrieta, Hispanics have not been too afraid of the pandemic "because we’re used to adverse situations. We grew up with crises, devaluations, earthquakes, all those things that give you a thick skin. What I do is analyze the worst-case scenario - what is the worst thing that can happen? Having to close down the agency? So? I’ve opened and closed two agencies and I´m still here," he said.

Quevedo also referred to the crisis brought on by the coronavirus. "I think it has taught us that we’ll have to modify the business," he said, adding that advertising has changed a great deal over the last five years and has become more honest. And referring to the new digital generations, he concluded that "our job as leaders in this industry is to remember that technique will never replace concept."