More than seven million people tuned in to Caracol Televisión to see the first chapter that became a global trend in networks

La Reina del Flow 2 trending topic worldwide
28 de abril de 2021

La Reina del Flow 2, Caracol Televisión's super-production, produced by Sony Pictures Television, premiered on April 26 with a rating of 14.9 and a 42.8% share, surpassing its competitor, which scored 8 of rating and 22.9% of share.

“We knew of the enormous responsibility we had with the public when making the second season of a series so awarded and loved by all and, apparently, we succeeded. It became a trending topic worldwide, including very good ratings and share figures. Great job from the entire Sony and Canal production team; of the writers and actors; who faced the enormous challenge of releasing such a complex series in the midst of the pandemic. It was worth it and we couldn't be more proud. La Reina del Flow will continue to shine!” said Juana Uribe, VP of Canal de Caracol Televisión.

Lisette Osorio, VP of International Sales at Caracol Televisión, highlighted: “La Reina del Flow, once again, shows us its power. This is a productIon whose main ingredients are a story of love and revenge, which traps the audience from beginning to end, and a soundtrack with original music and great audiovisual production. All these are elements that have resulted in an irresistible telenovela for the international market, turning it into a product that has transcended the screen, and has become in one of our greatest franchises, recognized worldwide.”

More than seven million people tuned in to Caracol Televisión to experience an intense first episode, which became a worldwide trending topic in networks, bringing back the duo of Yeimy (Carolina Ramírez) and Charly Flow (Carlos Torres), along with a cast of great talents.