Jorge Pezzi, founding partner and CEO of the Spanish production house LACOproductora

LACOproductora: Grupo Prisa's commitment to producing audiovisual content is very powerful
05 de agosto de 2022

#PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra welcomed Jorge Pezzi, founding partner and CEO of the Spanish production house LACOproductora. The firm was recently acquired by Grupo Prisa, becoming the Group's audiovisual company.

Pezzi began his career in advertising and, after 16 years, founded Uncle Producciones to later join José Miguel Contreras and launch LACOproductora. “The partnership with José Miguel, when we created the company, was a dream. He has such an extensive career that he has been and is part of the history of the industry in this country”. Pezzi had already had content placed on the market, but what he needed was a slightly more solid structure, which is what came as a result of the partnership with José Miguel.

For Pezzi, platforms like companies, even if they are foreign, what they are looking for when they reach the Spanish market content that attracts the Spanish public. “What they need is market expansion” and attracting new subscribers. He ensures that he tries to understand each platform and its needs. "I think you also realize that most of what drives this industry are trends." In his case, he tries to apply the strategy that he learned in advertising: "how can we help a company or a platform to create content that attracts customers."

"Prisa's commitment to producing audiovisual content is very powerful. Prisa has many brands, many IPs,” explained Pezzi, who added that the idea is that all those brands, ideas, and everything that exists within Prisa can be channeled through LACOproductora, which became the audiovisual arm of the Group. “We are aiming for a much more transversal model in which all the video of the entire group goes through the same place, avoiding a video department for each small brand of the Group. Now we have become a large department and everyone depends on us because we are a company within the Group”.

Currently, they are working on the second season of Por H o Por B. This year they released the film Camera Café, and recently a series called 2 Años y Un Día for Atresmedia. In addition, in spring they finished the production of Mi Año Favorito (Movistar); they also have in store a historical outreach program, El Condensador de Fluzo, on TVE's La 2, and, “if all goes well, we will premiere the third season this year”. He can't disclose any more yet, "but we have three or four very exciting projects that start production in September."

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