Lara Krumholz, VP Latin America DynAdmic

Lara Krumholz of DynAdmic: Being Relevant Means Aligning Consumer Wants With the Brand´s Own Ethos

Manuela Walfenzao / Liz Unamo|19 de febrero de 2019

During Advertising Week LatAm, Lara Krumholz, VP Latin America at DynAdmic, chaired a media agency panel on how to offer relevance worthy of winning consumer attention and on how to give advertisers more value.

The Walmart, Liverpool and Grupo Bimbo brands were represented on the panel dubbed Screen Addiction and Attention Deficit: Confessions of a Storyteller, as were the agencies Dentsu, Cadreon and Publicis Media. “Our main goal at DynAdmic was not to talk about ourselves but to raise real thoughts about what we must pay attention to for the future of advertising," she said.

Many conclusions were reached because there is no secret or single formula, but many routes to the future. "Regarding DynAdmic, we believe in contextualization and brand safety – which includes not placing ads next to inappropriate content. We insisted that the most important thing is to align consumers’ wants with your brand's own ethos in order to make your brand more relevant to its users," Krumholz said. She added that the most important aspects for advertisers is to identify what kind of results or ROI they want to measure, “and to track their tech partners to make sure they deliver what you ask them for. This is one of the biggest challenges."

DynAdmic initiated operations in Latin America in 2014, first in Brazil, then in Mexico, after which it opened an office for Latin American operations in Miami, and this year is starting up in Colombia.