Alvia Urdaneta, Creative Producer at Shutterstock Studios

Alvia Urdaneta of Shutterstock and Juror at FIAP 2021 Says The Most Successful Creations Come From Our Imagination As Artists
27 de abril de 2021

Alvia Urdaneta, Creative Producer at Shutterstock Studios and juror in the Production category at FIAP 2021, recommended that creatives choose a work of art that represents who they are as artists and that shows their love of art.

“We often think it’s more important just to fit in, do what everyone else does and create something just to become famous. I believe that the most successful creations come from our own originality and imagination as artists,” she said.

About the basic elements a work must have to be nominated for FIAP’s Production category, Urdaneta said the most important element in any work at all is the collaboration that must exist among different members of the team, and that this includes representatives of the different areas of production. “This collaboration among specialists in lighting and production, stylists and experts in all the other areas of creation is what leads to the creation of exciting works.”

For the executive, prizes have a special role in honoring productions that stand out for their creativity and quality of execution. “This motivates professionals to innovate and set new standards, thus promoting a positive evolution among all players in the industry. In that sense, FIAP is one of the prizes that has contributed most to the creative industry in Latin America, which constantly reinvents itself to be up to date with the world’s cultural, social and technological changes while moving onward and upward with the collaboration of experts in every area.”

FIAP 2021 will be held on Oct. 7, 2021.