Barry Levine, specialist in technology for The Door Media

2017 Trends In Marketing Technology
13 de julio de 2017

Intelligence, transparency, experience and going beyond computers are the four big trends in marketing technology, identified by Barry Levine, a specialist in technology for The Door Media. In an article published in Martech Media explains this landscape.

“Almost every self-respecting vendor is adding artificial intelligence (AI) to its resume these days, largely built around machine learning’s pattern recognition and predictive analytics’ projection of those patterns into the future” explained Levine.

He mentioned Watson from IBM as one of the AI implementations that is extending that smartness into advanced cognition in an increasingly wider sphere. This technology has also become a key layer in major marketing platforms in recent months, such as Salesforce’s Einstein or Adobe’s Sensei, as well as other companies like Absolutdata, ContentSquare, PaveAI y Stackla, among others.

“There has been a boom in efforts to make advertising more direct and transparent, that has become so popular that Google, AOL, IAB and others have been solidifying the way it works. In recent months, transparency has become a competitive advantage" added Levine. As examples, he offers the AppsFlyer attribution dashboard, Revcontent's Truth initiative, or Havas' new transparency platform.

In the last few months, said Levine, “Vendors have come to the realization that the real job of their customer-facing tech is to enhance and maintain the customer’s key takeaway: the experience. Online, the experience will be dramatically changed by radical interface revolutions offered by such tech as virtual/augmented reality.”