Hernán Cerdeiro
Brands invest less now but expect more, says Hernan Cerdeiro of AnyGivenDay
03 de noviembre de 2020

Hernan Cerdeiro, chief creative officer of AnyGivenDay, said the agency`s principles include working with transparency and honesty, plus "being our clients’ partner and letting them feel they have an ally."

In the context of the FIAP Face to Face Webinar – De Camino al Innovation Summit 2021 (On the Path to the 2021 Innovation Summit) - Cerdeiro spoke about the importance of the less is more concept. “Less will be better than more, something we already see with the pandemic. Precisely in the world of communications we seek to be positive and have that more looking forward." Fewer people, for example, with more abilities. "We aim to have our talent capable of doing two things, not just one, like having a copywriter who is also a master of strategy planning. By eliminating levels we make the delivery faster."

The current context has forced agencies to handle a greater workload in less time. "Brands invest less but expect more," Cerdeiro said, and gave as an example the success of the TeleDOGconference for LIQ USA, that brought pets together virtually in a zoom meeting due to the limitations on taking them for walks outdoors: "This is a brand that cares about pets' well-being, a feeling that flowed out during that event in the most natural way.”

“But more can also be better than less. More instinct and less data. Data is very important, but you can´t lose your instinct – because neither extreme is good," Cerdeiro said.

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