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CMC Releases Comprehensive Gen Z Study "It's Time: Ready (or Not) for the Multicultural Majority
14 de octubre de 2020

2020 is not only a critical turning-point year because of a pandemic, racial and social movements, or an election, 2020 also marks the first time the 0 to 17-year-old segment—or any generation, for that matter—is a multicultural majority.

Building on more than 20,500 consumer touchpoints to date, the Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC) released the first part of a comprehensive study on Gen Z (ages 13 to 17), IT'S TIME: Ready (or Not) for the Multicultural Majority.

Culture plays a pivotal role in decisions Gen Zers make—from brands & content they follow to social justice movements.

"Gen Zers are fueling the American culture as they interpret and reinvent the American theme, not always perfectly executed but aspirational as they value 'freedom, equality and opportunity' for all. With a lower 'Us' versus 'Them' mentality and what appears to be a healthy dose of patience and empathy, Gen Zers believe that, unlike their elders, they can be a driving force for unity in the long game they are playing," said CMC Research Chair Nancy Tellet, founder, brand & consumer navigator at PureClarity LLC. "We see this unity expressed when even a quarter of non-Hispanic white teens say that issues of hate and racism are most important for them as well. On the flip side, one in four non-Hispanic White teens say the multicultural majority will change America's values for the worse and are bothered by hearing the Spanish language spoken in public."

Diversity is simply a way of life, however, for the majority of Gen Z, and this data provides a glimpse into the kinds of cultural shifts and alliances we can expect in the future.