Alberto Pardo, Founder and CEO of Adsmovil

Alberto Pardo of Adsmovil:  We Had 94.18 Percent Viewability with our In-App Video Product
Mara Fernández / Cristian Vergara|21 de junio de 2018

Cannes Lions 2018 marked an important renovation of the festival by serving several needs of the contemporary industry. One of them is Innovation and how creativity and technology are beginning to come together for the benefit of brands.

Alberto Pardo, Founder and CEO of Adsmovil, noted that this event focused on innovation and also brought together the top representatives of the industry. “That makes it an excellent opportunity to meet and do business,” he said.

He added that Adsmovil is part of the advertising ecosystem, which is why “we’re very interested in having a foot in the festival door - we know the seats are at ‘C’ level and the academic display is very interesting.”

During the event, the company that offers global mobile advertising solutions presented an analysis of its video product. “Since January 31, we have been taking measurements with our In-App video product and out of 60 million impressions we had an average 94.18 percent viewability according to MOAT, which is very important because it gives evidence of the importance of viewability for brands in the market.”