Richard Middleton, TBI; Miheer Walavalkar, LiveLike; Matthieu Montigaud, Canal +; John Piedot, Silk Factory, and Marco Nobili, VCNI

LatAm has great growth potential
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|22 de enero de 2021

Identify the audience and the context it likes, entertain the user, and establish a community and interactivity that are valuable, were some of the recommendations of the panel Best practices for attracting audiences.

The discussion, moderated by Richard Middleton, editor of Television Business International (TBI), was integrated by Miheer Walavalkar, CEO of LiveLike; Matthieu Montigaud, general producer of Canal +; John Piedot, Creative Director and founder of Silk Factory and Marco Nobili, Senior VP of the Marketing and Streaming Division at VCNI.

Nobili commented that Latin America was chosen by the company as one of the first regions to launch the Pluto TV, Noggin, and Paramount+ streaming services because it has great growth potential for the next four to five years and "where we already have an established audience, and this is something we want to make the most of,” he highlighted.

Nobili made a special mention of Paramount+, "a brand that resonates in all the regions. 91% of the people polled recognize the brand and another great percentage has a positive relationship with it”.