Roxana Rotundo presented two projects written by the Spaniard Antonio Hernández

Latin America and Europe meet at WAWA's Coproduction Bridge Europa-LatAm
27 de julio de 2022

WAWA is preparing the Europe-LatAm Coproduction Bridge, a meeting to continue its mission of building bridges and business and co-production opportunities among its members. Carolina Cordero, general manager, announced that the event is coming soon.

During the WAWA Business Forum 2022, Latin America launched pitches seeking co-production with Europe. The virtual meeting had the participation of Paola Leonardi, RAI; Alessia Di Giacomo, Manager of Co-production and Licensing, RTVE; and Ana Ferreiros, responsible for Business Development at CTV of Galicia.

In the pitch, Vanessa Velázquez offered the sports comedy 10-episode series Aficionados, Los 10 Mandamientos del Fútbol; Gabriela Camejo went with the road movie Viaje al Norte in an orange car; Paraguayan filmmaker Maia Nikiphoroff presented La Reina no Coronada, a historical satire inspired on the life of Elisa Lynch; Susana Umbert with the series 13-episode 4to Piso, featuring the 40-years old men crisis; Emilia Nuccio spoke in a personal capacity about a story based "vaguely" on her own life; Roxana Rotundo also presented two projects written by the Spaniard Antonio Hernández: the emotional thriller Ella dice, Él dice (with two versions of ten episodes each), and a story about the invasion of Panama, told from the perspective of the three daughters of General Noriega.

For Di Giacomo, RTVE, it is important to have strong and today female protagonists, "it is something that the public demands and those stories that are somewhere between drama and comedy are well accepted in Spain and on the platforms.” Leonardi, from RAI's fiction department, said they are beginning to look for opportunities in the Hispanic-American market. Ferreiros, CTV, added that the trends are "melodrama, the return to telenovelas, but also comedy."