Director and producer Alfredo Widman from Latin Entertainment Works

Latin Entertainment Works is innovating with their Una Pura y Dos Con Sal TV show blog
Aliana González|16 de julio de 2015

Director and producer Alfredo Widman from Latin Entertainment Works, is focused on the making of two new projects for TV: a reality show and a TV show blog. Widman is represented by Uno Productions. "We are working on {Una Pura y Dos Con Sal;}, new blog-type format but for TV. It is a one-hour per day show with a virtual set, that is something new in this type of program". He told PRODU that the commentators are Anaís Salazar, Rodolfo Jiménez and Said García Solís. Once the pilot and demo are finished, they will take it to open TV channels, that is the natural space for this program. "The other project we are working on is the reality Trato Hecho (13x60´) with Carlos Márquez, who is an expert in small and medium sized businesses that need an expert to help them improve. Each episode deals with one story, in which they talk about their origins, how they achieved success and what needs to be changed”, he explained. First, they will be aired on YouTube, and later put up for sale. "The entire season will be offered, both in the US and in Mexico, because there are some cases from Tijuana, like the story of some celebrities, such as Roxi Rivera. She has been involved in family business and now wants to create her own brand, and in the program we will help her do that”, said Widman.