Jorge Granier, executive at RCTV and CEO of Latin Everywhere

Latin Everywhere and RCTV are doubly joyful: Jane The Virgin on Lifetime and Mi Gorda Bella starts pilot for ABC Family
24 de noviembre de 2015

Jorge Granier, who was one of the panelists at Mip Cancún, announced to PRODU that they are already starting to make the pilot of the version in English of Mi Gorda Bella for ABC Family. He also celebrated that Jane The Virgin, production in English of Juana La Virgen -already in its second season for the US channel CW- started to be aired on November 19th on Lifetime for all Latin America. Granier is the executive producer of this series, and is also the person who closed the deal. He also mentioned that the channel RCTV will be back on the air in Venezuela. "I have no doubt about this, RCTV will be back on the air. The thing is that we don't know when", he told PRODU. Granier, executive at RCTV, is part of the family that owns the channel; his full name is Jorge Granier Phelps, son of Marcel Granier. He lives between Miami and Los Angeles and is CEO of Latin Everywhere, company that he has signed these adaptation business with and which develops products for the US market. In Mip Cancún he shared his experience in the process of placing and making Jane The Virgin.