During the virtual screenings, six new titles were launched, including Un Don Verdadero

Latin Media´s first virtual screenings close successfully
28 de mayo de 2020

Latin Media this year held its own virtual market: virtual LA Screenings from May 12 to 14, exclusively in Spanish, for Latin America, the US and Spain. The decision was taken in March when the cancellation of television markets left distributors without one of their main allies: contact with clients in one same physical space.

For three days, they presented nine telenovelas and series from Asia and Europe with excellent results: some 250 daily visits of clients from 25 countries, and high visibility (90% each trailer). “This proved interest, not only in watching our content but also in participating in what will possibly be the norm for a certain time in the industry, virtual content screenings,” commented José Escalante, CEO of Latin Media.

“The strategy of these screenings daily informed emails on the day´s launches; campaigns on social networks and the interview on #PRODUprimetime, hosted by that great journalist Ríchard Izarra is, gave great results. The interview, until Friday 15, had been watched by more than 2,800 professionals, who, through a pleasant chat were informed of our programs and how successful our series are currently in the Philippines and India,” added Escalante.

During the virtual screenings, six new titles were launched: Un Don Verdadero (53x45'), Ysabel (72x45’), Janissary (115x45’), Hermanas (184x45’), Por Amor o Por Dinero (50x45’) and Cambio (35x45’). They all had great acceptance among the clients that accessed www.lmcvirtualscreenings.com