Luis Balaguer, CEO of LatinWE

LatinWE and Raze: The influencers´ industry is heading towards the summit of entertainment

Maye Albornoz, Los Angeles|14 de julio de 2017

To enter the world of influencers and carry out the Hispanic Influencer Summit has been one of LatinWE´s biggest achievements, assures Luis Balaguer, CEO of the company. The event that gathers the most important influencers in the region, celebrated its third edition at the YouTube Space LA, with the support of Telemundo, and revealed the evolution of content creators.

“YouTube is educating us on what works and what doesn´t and our creators use it as a guide. At first, everything was focused on short-duration contents, but with Raze we are going to create and finance series, shows and films, always taking influencers as the main axis. This industry is already a teenager and is heading towards the summit of entertainment,” he said.

According to Balaguer, on LatinWE and Raze, plataform he co-founded, the barriers between digital and traditional talents no longer exist, and the focus is to create quality contents for all screens.

He highlighted that Telemundo has been a great ally for the Hispanic Influencer Summit and will now be for Raze, platform with which they aim to change the industry business model, reaching an audience of more than 500 million fans.

The Hispanic Influencer Summit was held June 26 at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles and included the participation of representatives of LatinWE, Raze, YouTube and content creators.