Luis Balaguer, president of LatinWE: The Walt Disney Company has been the pillars to creating a solid foundation
LatinWE has gone beyond our expectations
19 de junio de 2020

“I have been lucky to have with Sofía Vergara and the rest of the talent of Latin World Entertainment (LatinWE) a career that has led me beyond what I could have ever imagined," expressed Luis Balaguer, president of LatinWE.

Balaguer mentioned the agreement they reached with NBCUniversal for their partner and talent Sofía Vergara, after more than 15 years of work with The Walt Disney Company “that were the pillars to create a solid foundation”.

“Today, we are a company that has exclusive production with NBCUniversal, which has opened the doors for us in a spectacular way, not only on TV but through studios, whether for cinema or shows aimed for streamers. Part of the agreement includes the entrance of Sofía to America's Got Talent (AGT). Sofía is finishing the number one TV series, Modern Family by ABC. This has been the biggest year since LatinWE came out,” he explained.

He detailed that the passage on ABC with Sofía was very nice. "Both Bob Iger and Stephen McPherson, as well as our Fernando Barbosa, were great engines for betting on us, they believed in us: in Sofía as a talent and in us as producers".

“For the first time, we feel that our talent is working more than us," he said jokingly and comments that Vergara is shooting AGT from her home. "We have turned her house into a production studio. We are living moments that we would have never thought of," he ended.