Lina Cáceres, director of Digital and Content Development at LatinWE

LatinWE: We have a strong presence in Hollywood thanks to the results shown by our influencers

Jaime Quintero, Bogotá|25 de agosto de 2016

LatinWE, a company owned by Luis Balaguer and Sofía Vergara, has spent nearly a year betting on a group of influencers who, thanks to their thousands of fans, have become a tool to reach several audiences directly. Lina Cáceres, director of Digital and Content Development at LatinWE, in a dialogue with PRODU, said: “These young people we represent are opinion leaders, people with a fresh mind who are indicating the path for us to attract new audiences.” "The platforms these people handle are global and they are leaders not only in Colombia, but also in Mexico and the US. They create their own content and have a unique identity. We are surprised Hollywood showed interest in them. They are open and understand the importance of including these influencers in their promotion and marketing plans, because they know that at the end of the day, these kids’ followers might become direct sales, tickets to box offices, product consumption, then, a great opportunity would be opening up for us,” said Cáceres. Juan Pablo Jaramillo and Mario Ruiz, young talents at LatinWE, said they felt happy to be part of this company, because they have been able to professionalize their contents even more and broaden their scope on social networks.