For the campaign, two commercials were made: Galaxy X and Kelly

LatinWorks generates a radio prevention campaign for Internet Safety
Manuela Walfenzao|12 de junio de 2015

The NGO Internet Safety was born in 1994 to protect children and their families from online abuse. Together with LatinWorks, they developed a radio campaign titled Enough is Enough to prevent this type of abuse. The idea plays with ambiguity and the importance of context, which sometimes is lost in the Internet and allows children to see very strong things their families don’t want to show them. For the campaign, two commercials were made: Galaxy X and Kelly. Each one promotes toys, the first time, toys are offered to children between four and nine years years old, the second time, the same toy is offered to people of legal age and the whole meaning of the product changes. They end with the message: Learn to keep your children away from the wrong search results in the Internet and the NGO promotes its guide Internet Safety 101 for parents. The idea will compete in Cannes Lions 2015 and the creatives responsible are: Sergio Alcocer, CCO; José “Hache” Hernández and Rodrigo Rothschild, Creative Directors and writers; Christy Kranik and Kelcey Bacon, Account Supervisors. The production company was Personal Music, Alexis Estiz wrote the music and made the arrangements and Luis Gómez the sound design. Did you like this piece? Share your opinion with #PalpitandoCANNES and follow us on @PRODUPublicidad.