Luca Bentivoglio, COO of LATV Networks

LATV celebrates its 10th anniversary and keeps growing
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|02 de febrero de 2017

At a time when traditional US Hispanic open TV channels are losing their audiences, “we celebrate that LATV has had continuous growth throughout these 10 years, when many other channels have disappeared,” comments Luca Bentivoglio, COO of LATV Networks.

Bentivoglio said they are launching new seasons of their shows, such as The Zoo, Get it Girl, Fan Nation and The Edge, and additionally, a new LATV on air campaign...Always Trending, that will equate the digital experience with linear TV to make it clear that there is no separation line between the two.

He highlighted that, thanks to the Alliance with Pulpo, they are generating branded content that will help them with brands and in the digital area.