Get It, Girl!

LATV debuts new all-girl talk show Get It, Girl!

14 de octubre de 2016

LATV Networks announced the premiere of Get It, Girl!, a new, all-girl daily talk show premiering Monday October 17th. The show encompasses female empowerment and progressive ideas through candid discussions on trending topics, personal experiences and relationships. Get It, Girl! is a mixture of profound conversations and funny light-hearted chats from the most controversial issues to the most trivial girly dilemmas.

Get It, Girl! brings together four multifaceted and opinionated women from different corners of the world, each brining their own flavor and perspectives to the show. Vivi Tomasi, a spunky Brazilian journalist; Ana Marte, a confident Dominican NYC girl; Denise Dorado, a cynical Mexican-American intellectual and Shenky Britton a sassy African-American lady rapper.

Get It Girl! is a show that instigates positive proactivity and pushes the ball forward for all women chasing their dreams. At LATV we are committed to create unique U.S. produced content that reflects the changing face of America and talks directly to millennials, as they seek a voice that they can relate and trust,” explains Luca Bentivoglio, LATV’s COO and Head of Programming.