Andrés Rincón, VP Sales & Strategic Partnerships at LATV

LATV: Digital expansion is the main focus of this years` sales

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|02 de julio de 2019

Digital expansion is the main focus of the Upfront this year for LATV. “After more than 10 years reaching Latinx millennial audiences, LATV has now integrated a 360 approach with a digital content strategy first. After a decade collecting data and insights from our users, we have learned a great deal about their consumption habits and are creating premium and exclusive digital content that can be exchanged from digital to open TV," explains Andrés Rincón, VP Sales & Strategic Partnerships at LATV.

From medium format contents to micro-content and podcasts, Rincón detailed they are creating a space to share personal and diverse stories about the Latinx. “We have also checked our content strategy to include programming that are pillars, from #Summerhood to our LGTBQ+ #LATVProud programming and our pillar programming for the Month of Hispanic Heritage #HistorybyUs,” he commented.

He stressed that with digital there are a lot more opportunities for learning and insights “that allow us to measure in real time and optimize the content to achieve the greatest reach and connection."

When consulted on the consolidation of media groups and how this affects the Upfront market, Rincón said that although they recognize the current consolidation of big media groups, LATV is also in a process to ensure new solid alliances that improve their value proposal in general.

The three main advertising investment categories for the network have been banking, fast food restaurants and automotive, but Rincón is seeing that tech companies are starting to play an important role in their space.