Andrés Palencia, co-director, LATV

LATV is the original national bilingual network

15 de noviembre de 2019

This summer and fall LATV has premiered cutting edge, in-culture content including primetime series: The Hub on LATV; The Q Agenda; Checkitow; and Jefa Status.

Coming up this fall LATV’s syndicated shows American Latino TV and LatiNation will find a new home on LATV Network to benefit from the networks' multi-channel approach and strategy.

“Our existence and our success are based on the Hispanic audience’s demand for content that represents them, is genuine to their experiences, and elevates artists from their communities. While mainstream Hollywood deals with issues of representation, appropriation and inclusion scandals, we’ve found success because our strategy has always been to look for and empower creators from our own Latino community. Earlier this year, we rolled out a digital-first strategy that’s already proving to be more engaging with our audience and more in-line with our brands and partners’ objectives,” commented Andrés Palencia, co-director, LATV.

For 2020, Palencia said they are launching a full capacity digital platform where LATV’s programming will be available worldwide through their own state of the art video streaming service.

He also added that for 2020 they will be announcing major partnerships, events, and collaborations with other brands disrupting mainstream media's limited perception of multicultural content.

“LATV is a national network expanding into a global digital scale, but we like to keep in touch with our local vibes. No other bilingual network has the longevity or the privilege to say they are the original national bilingual network except LATV and that is because from our content creation to our staffing and our partnerships we have always put our community first,” finalized Palencia.