Alex Duplan, VP/Creative Director, Fuerza

We give clients the strength to connect successfully with the multicultural market: Alex Duplan of Fuerza
Liz Unamo|11 de agosto de 2020

Strength is power and precisely that energy is what drives the digital agency Fuerza, which shares a strong partnership with the digital marketing agency Elasticity.

“We understand today's multicultural landscape and recognize that not all audiences receive information the same way,” said Alex Duplan, VP/creative director of Fuerza, which with its successful record as a specialized digital service for three years has now gone independent - and not as an afterthought.

“The market dynamics and digital power that multicultural groups have acquired have turned the table on corporations and now the strength is in the hands of consumers. It is our job to take it to our clients in a clear, intelligent way. We give our clients the strength to connect successfully with the multicultural market," Duplan said.

Fuerza works with all the Elasticity clients that have a multicultural component as part of a total market strategy, including Alpa (Insurance), Rough Riders (baseball team), Boy Scouts of America and the state of Missouri, to name but a few.

“These last six months have given us the chance to be much more creative, to have honest conversations with our clients and to innovate using technology as much as possible to connect more successfully with consumers."