Billy Rovzar

Lemon Estudios: In a single year we were able to generate more than 245 hours of content for the different platforms

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|15 de noviembre de 2016

Lemon Films, that recently became Lemon Estudios, will have generated 245 hours of content only in 2016, as one of the founding partners, Billy Rovzar, assured. He highlighted the beginning of the shooting of the series Las Buchonas (80x60') and La Piloto (80x60') with W Studios for Univision, and also the possibility of a fourth season of Señor Ávila for HBO and the release of Kilómetro 31-2 in movie theaters.

Las Buchonas covers the topic of powerful women behind powerful drug dealers in Tierra Blanca in Culiacán, Sinaloa. It is an interesting story written by Andrés López, the same author of El Cartel de los Sapos, and we already started shooting it. We are also shooting La Piloto (80x60’), for which we have more than 80 locations, starring Livia Brito and Arap Bethke,” he commented.

Señor Ávila is another of their upcoming projects, only awaiting HBO’s green light to start shooting the fourth season, that would have 13 episodes.

Rovzar emphasized the change they are undergoing as a company, shifting from Lemon Films to Lemon Estudios, “we will quit being a film production company to turn into a content generator, to achieve a rebirth that will allow us to offer more and better projects.”

Finally, he mentioned that during the years that the company has existed, they managed to generate an average of 65 hours of content; however, “in a single year (2016) we have multiplied that figure, reaching 245 hours”.